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Java API Design Guidelines

by martin on December 28th, 2010

Eamonn McManus wrote this blog article about API design guidelines for Java. This includes some generic words of advice such as designing for change, being minimal, being easy to use and learn, etc. In terms of Java specific guidelines, McManus talks about the problems of using interfaces and packages, and provides specific advice such as using immutable classes, static final fields, and avoiding Cloneable.

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An Application Programming Interface (API) provides a logical interface to a piece of software and hides its internal details. This website is dedicated to a book on designing APIs for C++ and includes articles and links on API development.


The book is accompanied by a source code package that contains many of the examples in the text. Download it for free.


Dr. Reddy has also published a computer graphics book called Level of Detail for 3D Graphics. Check it out too!.
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